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Free Phone Call to Swinton Insurance

If you are shopping around for car insurance then this page would have been very interesting as there used to be a freefone number for Swinton Insurance on this page, so you could get a free insurance quote.

Sorry to say, though, the phone number has GONE. Shucks! And it was a special phone number which they'd kindly given so it could be tracked from this site. It was very popular too, and it is baffling that it's gone.


Still, not to worry, because you can still go to Swinton Insurance online, here: Swinton Insurance. If the free phone number returns, we'll be putting it back on here.

Lines were open Monday to Friday 8am-10pm, Saturday 8am-6pm, and even on Sunday 8am-1pm. Online, though, Swinton Insurance is always open!

Although we are still waiting for this Swinton Car Insurance phone line to return, there is a Swinton Taxi Insurance phone number which is: 0800 138 2419

(Please only use this if you want to insure a taxi!)

Also, there is a Swinton VAN Insurance phone number which is: 0800 308 1959 - also see van insurance

(Please only use this if you want to insure a van!)