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IDT Calls

IDT Calls

International calls can cost a fortune on your normal line. However, with IDT Calls you can drastically reduce the cost of your phone calls worldwide.

IDT Calls:

"IDT is one of the leading calling card companies in Europe with a wide range of cards featuring competitive rates to almost anywhere in the world.

IDTCalls.com are the official online distributor for IDT phonecards / calling cards and the only phonecard site where you can purchase from 20 different countries in their local language (10 languages) and currency (7 currencies).

IDTCalls went live in May 2004 and has been very successful in achieving good membership registrations and hence good sales, especially repeat sales.

Customers who come to our site use our FindACard technology to find the best card for their international calling needs.

Their phonecard is sent via email containing their PIN and in-country access numbers so very convenient.

IDTCalls is a simple & secure site where users can save ££ on their home and mobile phone bills when making international calls".

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:

This is About Where the Link WAS to Go to The Place!

IDT Calls

http://www.idtcalls.com affiliate program was with Commission Junction, but it's now sadly gone and this page has had to be bunged up. It would be nice if Nextgen Telecom were to have a new affiliate program somewhere, and then we can promote IDT Calls again. In the meantime, we have other Communication Companies here, and there's even a page on how to get free phone calls. One of the things that's really taken off recently is VoIP (voice over Internet protocol) which includes such people as Skype and Vonage. With Vonage you can even move your phone abroad without having call charges! See Vonage Testimonial