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Welcome to Zyra's webspace at OneTel, a free webspace which has stood the test of time and is now has a historical nature to it!

Many thanks to for hosting this webspace here. To find out more, take a look at the page about OneTel

You can link to Zyra from hereZyra's website is spread across many webspaces and the reasons for this are to do with spreading the bandwidth load, although historically it was done this way to also prove that it was possible to have a free website with no annoying pop-ups or jiggling banners! To link to the primary site, please link to ZYRA's Website

One of the first things Zyra did with the free website at OneTel was to host the picture of the PANORAMA of CENTRAL PARK BOSTON UK.Link here to see how big the picture really is! This is a JPEG over 800K (6607 x 500 pixels in 24-bit) and can take a while to load, depending on the speed of your phone line, ethernet, or fibre-optic. You can still see this at the page PANORAMA, although because of the popularity of the page and size of the download, the actual picture is now hosted at a heavier-duty webspace.

And, there is a digital painting created by Zyra many years ago, which is of The Old Tattershall Bridge, in Lincolnshire UK.See the big version by linking here This is 3200 x 512 pixels each of which is on/off. Therefore to put it into a format compatible with computers of the 2001/02 era it was converted into GIF format to save downloading time. TATTERSHALL BRIDGE

Also there is the Picture of the Building with the Swan On Top, in Boston Lincolnshire UK. The building has been obscured by buildings on the recently-cleared building development site in front. SWAN BUILDING

By request there is now a page of Sights of Lincolnshire

This is interesting old stuff, and worth a look around. Although OneTel have moved on and have become more of a phone company than an ISP, this free webspace remains to prove that you can create your own website and have on it what you want.

Thanks to for hosting this webspace here. To find out more, take a look at the page about OneTel

This page used to be at OneTel, at but now it's had to be moved because OneTel's web hosting was throtting, even with just a few pages on it! So now it's been moved to Zyra India on Issue144.