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Jiggling Banners
Advertisements that jiggle, flash, or make a nuisance of themselves in other distracting ways

Advertising banners that JIGGLE are a pet hate of some people. Jiggling advertising is annoying, and the first reaction is to shut the page and go elsewhere. So, not only is the banner not clicked on, but the whole site is generally ignored.

The mystery is WHY some advertising companies think it's a good idea to have jiggling banners in the first place. What's insulting is that some advertisers actually think the customers are so shallow that they'll be fooled into clicking on a banner that's attracted their attention by being annoying. It's a market research model which aims to cater to the lowest intelligence bracket of the market.

Another type of bad advertising is the use of banners which are designed to fool the person into thinking they are system error messages. Regardless of such obvious things as the fact they look like old Microsofty messages and look really stupid on modern Linux-based systems, there is an inherent dishonesty in trying to cheat the customers into thinking the banners are system messages rather than adverts. If the advertising is disreputable, surely this casts doubt upon the quality of any deal you might get with the company.

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