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Sliders are Annoying

Even if you think they are snazzy, sliders are actually annoying

You visit a website, and you start looking at the stuff on the front page, and for a few seconds it's OK, and then suddenly the whole lot gets whisked away to the left leaving your eyeballs jarred. The next image has moved into place, and you're expected to have such a short attention span that it's alright. Well it's not!

The instinctive thing to do is to close the website window down and look at a different website. Like with annoying popups, sliders are an offputting thing. Why people think they are good is another thing. Maybe they think it looks snazzy.

Now here's another example. You go into a restaurant and sit down at a table. The waiter comes along and passes you the starters menu to read. You're reading the starters menu, but then suddenly the waiter snatches it from in front of your gaze and gives you the main course menu. You look at the waiter in disgust. But just as you're about to comment, the waiter snatches the main course menu from you and passes you the dessert menu. You get up from the seat and leave.

Of course this never happens in restaurants. They'd be out of business. But the same thing, with those annoying sliding images on websites, is prevalent. Maybe it's a passing fad, like marquees, blinking text, pop-ups, having tiny black text on a white background, frames, having the monitor resolution assumed to be far too big, etc.

Even some quite reputable places, which should know better, have fallen for the "sliders" fad. An otherwise perfectly reasonable website is spoilt by having images that no sooner have they appeared than they are dragged off, with your eyeball-trackers trying vainly to follow them.

It's not just bad for your eyes; it's also rude. It's an insult, because it's implicitly saying that your volition is irrelevant, and that your attention span is short, and that you're assumed to be dazzled by temporary flashy things rather than anything of any relevance.

Let's put this another way: Does anyone LIKE sliders? Does anyone think they look good? Do you like websites which show you a picture and then after a few seconds it's hauled away?

Also see jiggling adverts, which are also annoying.

On an entirely off-topic point, although sliders are bad, spiders are good!

For more grumbling about websites, see Website Design , or for a more positive constructive page, see How to Get a Website!

Alternatives to annoying sliders:

Fading from one image to another doesn't produce the same jarring effect. Also, at Yahoo's front page (2012), there's a continually changing set of things, but the main images do not slide across. Instead, a small thumbnails bar slides, but the main images switch. Plus, you can control which set of things you see. This is a much better solution.

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