Zyra's website has Actual Content

Yes, it's not just got an "About Us", and a prosaic FAQ, a basic "Contact us" page, a brief summary of products page, and a set of links. It's got actual pages of blurb about all kinds of things. That's because Zyra's website is what is known as...


...which means that it's got pages of knowledge, about all manner of subjects, and the pages are linked together with actual links. Also, as it's Zyra, the subjects aren't particularly conventional! For example here's a sample of the sorts of things at this site. Go on, take a look at some of them!...

Mobile Phone Masts - the hazard explainedZyra can also handle HTML

Why do Clocks go round Clockwise?

How to Hypnotise a Chicken

Mistakes commonly made in Movies

What's NOT going to happen in 2012

Various SCAMS and how to defeat them

Coconut Danger (in comparison to the danger of Sharks!)

How to Make money by Setting up and Running Your Own Company

In fact there are hundreds of pages at this site at least as good as those, and there are thousands of pages at this site. This is also why you need to be patient and to revisit the site time and time again to have another look, because like the big museums you can't see all the stuff in a day!

There are pages explaining things, like how logarithms work and there are pages explaining how to do things, such as How to fit a manual Diesel Preheater circuit, but not all of the pages are all text. There are some stories expressed in pictures as well, such as Tale of the Lizard , Bird Nest, and to some extent Making a phone internationally relocatable

Real Content is important because it's educational. You have questions to ask, and here are answers, explained in ways which are informative and entertaining.

There are whole categories of such explanations to explore, for example misconceptions , truths , and advice. Or, if you'd like a more chatty style, have a read through some of the old Circular Newsletters, whose directory starts at the page "Circular".