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Mortgage Spam!

Would you buy a m0rt-gag from someone whose spelling as bad as this?! Suspicious mortgage spam messages exposed. With extra random nonsense included!

Further to the stuff exposed at the Rogues Gallery of Suspicious e-mails , the idea termed Spam Senders Make It Easy For Us and the phishing scams shown at the page of bank hoaxes, here are a few examples of mortgage spam. They are offering you a mortgage, but they have spelt the word "mortgage" wrong, and included loads of random rubbish in the message to fool spam-filters! (Not a good start to a trusted financial relationship).

----- Original Message -----
[your harvested email address]
Sent: Friday, August 27, 2004 9:36 PM
Subject: Re: and he said even

Fri, 27 Aug 2004 14:38:08 -0600

Dear Sir:

I hope you enjoined the last mor
udtgage lowban you got from our company. We strongly recommend to rece finance at 3.4 % rsyate and decrease your monthly payment, please check details below and click the necessary link. Please note since you are our previous client, you are already apzrproved and it will take less paper work to apply:

visit this link to apply online. Please enter your Personal Secure Code 6246 on the secure site.

Thank you.

Personal Bro
muker Group

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----- Original Message -----
Jamar Boyce
[a selection of several harvested addresses]
Sent: Sunday, August 29, 2004 2:17 AM
Subject: now someone else in

jniob gelnfzwr - rkzbl mcaccqpd aatizdy
Conditional Appr
um oval Letter

Date: 8/23/2004
ayant: [* no name appears here *]

wggage Brncoker or Loakwn Officer:
Name: Jamar Boyce
uufvitoy, ihzmglp ndfwucj mqcyxipj Azsgdguhl mtwpgi License Number 549818u

txn :
Amount: UP to 565,000
Interest R
mhate: 2.785 %
Interest R
ia ate Lock Expires : 9/15/2004
Maximum Lo
ozan-to-Value Ratio: 100%
enoan Type and Program: EZ Lock

Fees :
Points: 0
Discount: $300
yfvzuwp Gkfosmbw nwqmvdwq vpavxj yyynliiv gxmfj

rtroker has received electronically signed application from the Applicsxant.

eyroker has reviewed Apvyplicant's crbhedit report and crguedit score and has verified Apuuplicant's income, available cash for a dbcown payment and closing costs, debts, and other assets.

Kmhbwqtpz lpgpwj ypptccmb upcwkx Applicant is appaxroved for the Lltoan provided that the Applicant's creditworthiness and financial position do not materially change prior to closing.

This Conditional App
oqroval expires on 9/15/2004, please this link to confirm the info.

Jamar Boyce

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----- Original Message -----
Pearl Burgess zutqtgz@yahoo.com / also Domingo Fitzpatrick
[various made-up addresses such as info@ , sales@, webmaster@ etc at the site bostanremovals.co.uk]
Sent: Sunday, October 10, 2004 3:35 PM

Hi again,

Here is Pearl Burgess. I wite you because we are accepting your mortgage application.
Our office confirms you can get a $220.000 loÀn for a $352.00 per month payment.
Approval process will take 1 minute, so please fill out the form on our website:


Thank you.

Best Regards Pearl Burgess
First Account Manager


----- Original Message -----
Prince Hickman dcxcx@yahoo.com
To: [everyone at
Sent: Monday, October 11, 2004 2:07 AM

Hi again,

My name is Prince Hickman. I wite you because we are accepting your mortgage application.
Our office confirms you can get a $220.000 loÀn for a $352.00 per month payment.
Approval process will take 1 minute, so please fill out the form on our website:


Thank you.

Best Regards Prince Hickman
First Account Manager


----- Original Message -----
Mack Q. Wong (kybpqgkegqipjh@zjcan.com)
Sent: Monday, October 11, 2004 6:48 PM
Subject: Client Notice
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We recently received the. mo r t g age application and it was appr o v ed
with 3.5 percent ra t e.
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The application is pending at this moment

If you authorize the process, please enter additional info using unique link below
the not not numerable chosen introspect victrola Dgeranium apotheosis
zivlde (http;//www,nmk0lbasta,com/?qbbcavwsq)

Thank you.

Mack Q. Wong

Please do not reply to this mail.
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----- Original Message -----
From: vlqgqhqac@rr.com
Stacy G. Mccall
To: (
lineone.net) Hairston Jide
Sent: Monday, October 25, 2004 10:27 AM
Subject: horizon. He did not

In Response to Application ID: 3234-41


Our central office has authorized me to send you approv a l
of your mo r t gage based on your application.

Your r a t e is 3.9 percert

Some of our information is missing and we need you to complete
the form again so we can proccess your check.

Thank you for your time.

Stacy G. Mccall
Account Manager


----- Original Message -----
Cynthia Peacock
Sent: Wednesday, October 27, 2004 1:16 AM
Subject: soldiers, crying out not

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We recently received the mo r t g age application and it was appr o v ed with 3.5% ra t e.

The application is pending at this moment
on and tenor versatec torpid daedalus is for detest

If you authorize the process, please enter additional info using secure link below

Continue =>
zoxelbkov (http;//www.aokmwenks,com/)

Thank you.

Cynthia Peacock

Please do not reply to this mail.
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What surprises me about this is the level of foolishness around in the population. How can ANYONE be fooled by this kind of thing? If you were getting a mortgage, surely you'd shop around all the reputable places and get the best deal? Or, would you consider getting a mortgage from someone who sends to everyone's harvested e-mail address unsolicited commercial spam mail, spells the word "mortgage" wrong, and includes loads of random nonsense hidden to fool spam-filters?

Also, note that in many of the messages, the senders are pretending that they have already been in communication with you. For example "in response to YOUR request" etc. This is a lie.

Plus, the mismatched subject lines and blatantly obvious underhand tricks in the messages show that spam senders make it easy for us and yet again have in plain sight dealt from the wrong end of the pack!

My advice is: Never buy from spam, and if you want a mortgage for real estate or a loan, go to a reputable financial company !!

Also see Bogus Qualifications to see another example of dodgy e-mails with spam-filter bot-traps in!