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Panoramic view of

Central Park, Boston UK

This picture is a more than 360-degree panorama taken with a digital camera from the centre of the cricket pitch. Image previously at OneTel with front page at Zyra's OneTel site

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Panorama of Central Park Boston UK

To view it you may need to carefully pan around the whole image. It is a bit tricky on some browsers.

Central Park Boston UK is a remarkable phenomenon in that it is a green field surrounded by trees in the middle of town. Let's make sure that any proposed improvements made by The Council really are improvements! It's important that Boston Central Park remain the splendid amenity that it's been.

Photo copyright © Zyra 1999, but is released as shareware. So if you would like to use it, DO use it, and send a voluntary contribution for what you think it's worth to: Zyra, c/o shareware office address. Cheques made payable to Zyra's Bazaar, and/or give me a credit with a link or mention the website Zyra.org.uk

You're welcome to print this picture and hang it on the wall, but make sure you check your computer printer ink before printing it out!