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BT Mobile Home Plan is the new name for BT Mobile Sense. BT Mobile allows you to pick the tariff that best suits your lifestyle. A low monthly line rental and some minutes to landlines are included in the call plan, and then it's up to you.BT Mobile - Siemens sl55 maybeBT Mobile - Sendo M550 As you will see, the more minutes you select, the cheaper the rate gets and even if you don't know your usage, you can change your plan every month. BT Mobile Home Plan is explained as follows:

Up to six free handsets, one call plan and more. BT Mobile Home Plan is a great way to reduce your mobile bills. Home Plan allows you to make quick calls home for free (first two minutes of any call is free - more details at the site). Apparently this is worth a massive 1000 free minutes per month! You can also have up to six different lines on one call and/or text bundle rate, receive up to six free handsets with your contract, and choose from a great range of handsets.O2 BT Mobile Home Plan is very competitive and requires less commitment on your part than many rival offers at other mobile phone places.BT Mobile - Samsung a800 For example, BT Mobile doesn't charge you for itemised billing (actually I'm surprised any company tries to charge you for that!). Now on the choice of mobile phone handsets, BT Mobile suggests: The Samsung A800 is proving extremely popular and is outselling all the other handsets, plus there's the Siemens MC60 (with integrated camera), the Sony Ericsson T610, and the Nokia 3100, and probably a few others as time goes on. Technology is always advancing!

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