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Genie Mobile Consumer Shop

We are reliably informed "Genie Mobile Consumer Shop is a premier site that we can recommend with confidence". Furthermore, Genie Mobile Consumer Shop boasts "fantastic mobile internet phones all with FREE text messaging* and WAP".O2 And we see "They are sure to please even your most discriminating visitors", and we are told that they could become our Best Performing Advertiser! Plus "You can not go wrong! We offer the phones and services people want with the backing of BT (That's British Telecom) ..."a name they can trust. Pay monthly - 600 free texts per month. Prepay - 300 free texts per month. Text messages charged at 10p each thereafter."

In fact there's quite a lot about this, and it's worth a look. GenieMobile looks like magic is being performed in offering a FREE Nokia 3300 mobile Internet phone (WAP). It must be worth looking into further and the contract reading to make sure it's true! Anyway, here's some more explanatory info from Genie Mobile...

"Who is Genie?

Genie is the UK's leading mobile Internet company with over 3 million registered users of the Genie Internet portal. Genie's UK mobile service operates on the BT Cellnet network, one of the UK's leading mobile networks and is part of mmO2.

BT Cellnet is one of the largest UK mobile networks with over 8 million customers and offers outstanding coverage of the UK with 99% coverage of the UK population. Excellent call quality is assured as the network uses EFR and Clearcall technology.

BT Cellnet was the first UK mobile company to launch a commercial GSM WAP service in the UK and a full GPRS WAP commercial service is due to be launched soon.

Why choose GenieMobile?

If you want free text messaging and free access to WAP, GenieMobile delivers. Launched last year and powered by BT Cellnet, Genie was the world's first exclusively online mobile service.O2 And because we're an Internet company with none of the usual overheads, we're able to pass the savings we make straight on to you. That means that when you buy a phone from GenieMobile you can be sure you're getting one of the best deals around. GenieMobile customers even benefit from free online billing and e-care, so you can manage your mobile account any time you want.

Genie delivers unbeatable mobile phone and Internet services. These services are integrated so you can access information on your PC or via your mobile phone, giving you flexibility and choice over what you read and where you read it.

So if you want to make the most of the future, make sure you get your hands on a GenieMobile."

So, if you have been tempted by this, here's the link:

New Link is HERE!


Sorry about this, but the old affiliate program seems to have expired. Still, you can see there are other mobile phones here. affiliate program via Commission Junction //// old link page //// bunged up

I'm not sure if O2 is the same company as this anymore. I've not quite caught up with all the corporate changes since O2 left BT. You're welcome to put a helpful message in and try to sort this out. We are pleased to promote O2 at this site!

Much has happened since this page was created, and there's now a NEW O2 page! Visit O2 here!

O2 is quite a well known name, and the fame of the company has improved since they bought the Millennium Dome (now the O2 Dome).

Meanwhile, beware if you get an e-mail pretending to be online billing from O2. it's a hoax! See O2 billing hoax message

I hope O2 have a new affiliate program soon! Yes! They have! See... O2