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O2 hoax message

If you receive a hoax message pretending to be from O2 like this, it's important to know it's a phishing attack like the bank hoaxes and not a real message from O2. If it really was from the real O2, they would know your name and maybe even your telephone number!

----- Original Message -----
Rosetta Stone
Sent: Wednesday, March 15, 2006 8:14 AM
Subject: O2 Online Bill <#>

Dear O2 customer,

Your O2 bill for 13/03/06 is ready for you to view online. We will collect £86.82 from your account in accordance with your payment terms.

Please return to the shop
http://www.O2.co.uk/shop to access your account. Simply click on the View My Bill section on the top left hand corner of the screen and enter the username and password you chose when you placed your order.

Can't remember your password? Please go to


and follow the online prompts.

You will see that your first bill contains two line rental charges, one for your first month and the second for the next month (in advance). In future, you will simply be charged monthly in advance.

If you need any help understanding your bill, please go to
http://www.O2.co.uk/help and enter your mobile number under Bill Enquiries to view our FAQs.

Thanks for choosing O2.

Got a mate who's always a bit strapped?

Save them some money - tell them about O2


Please note that this email has been sent to you from an unmonitored email account so replies to it will go unanswered. If you need more help, please visit our online Help Centre

O2 UK Limited. Registered office is at 260 Bath Road, SL1 4DX

Again a very similar formula to the bank hoax type of thing where they are trying to fool you into giving away your personal password account details etc. If you had clicked on the links in the rogue message you would not end up at O2 but instead would be directed to http;/st#annes,com. Try to avoid being caught out by this kind of thing. Also see other examples of iffy e-mails stuffed and mounted at the Rogues Gallery

In the meantime, real Mobile Phones are available from the genuine places advertised here, including O2