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The famous O2 mobile phone network

You know O2, the telephonic communication folk. Here's what they say:

"O2 is a leading provider of mobile and broadband services to consumers and businesses in the UK.O2 The company is the leader in non-voice services, including text, media messaging, games, music and video, as well as data connections via GPRS, HSDPA, 3G and WLAN.

O2 UK is part of the Telefónica O2 Europe group which comprises integrated fixed/mobile businesses in the UK, Ireland, Germany,O2 the Czech Republic and Slovakia - all of which use 'O2' as their consumer brand. In addition, O2 has established the Tesco Mobile joint venture business in the UK and Ireland, as well as, the Tchibo Mobilfunk joint venture in Germany. O2 is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Telefónica S.A.

As at December 2007, we had more than 40 million fixed and mobile customers across Europe and 29,000 employees across the Group. O2 UK has 18.4 million customers.O2

O2 was formed in 2001, following the demerger from British Telecom of its former mobile business, BT Wireless.

O2 was ranked as 6th best place to work in the Best Companies to Work for 2008 List and has been awarded a three-star accreditation denoting an 'extraordinary' company".

It's also worth knowing that O2 Online is described as a strong, established brand with widespread advertising and promotion both on and offline. The O2 brand is a popular mobile provider that is trusted and respected by its customers. The customer offers are described as "excellent" and the tariffs as "straightforward" and easy to understand.O2

O2 have phones and accessories, and have contracts which include flat-rate, Pay-As-You-Go, Sim-Only, Business, PAYG Mobile Broadband, and Contract Mobile Broadband. It's up to you to choose what's right for you.O2

Regarding their mobile phones, O2 have this to say: "Our product offering online is excellent and we stock only the latest and most in demand phones on the market. We offer fantastic MMS enabled phones all with FREE text messaging and GPRS. Our range of phones is sure to please even the most discerning customer".

Understanding Mobile Broadband

Mobile Broadband allows a customer with a laptop to access the Internet wherever and whenever they want.O2

The customer can connect to their laptop by using a USB Modem (sometimes called a “Dongle/Stick”), or via 7,500 Wi-Fi hotspots.

Please be advised that Mobile Broadband is available through the O2 Mobile, and is quite separate from O2 Home Broadband.

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:

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O2 snazziness

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