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CallWave offers 3 very practical, easy to register for, and easy to use services risk-free for 30 days!

For your home phone - the Internet Answering Machine lets you hear who's calling while you're online and provides a Take the Call™ feature. You'll hear your caller's message instantly on your PC speakers. Just click a button to talk to your caller!

For your cell phone - screen calls on your cell phone and transfer calls to your home or office phone. Users can save cell minutes and improve their call quality. It works instantly with any current cell phone, plan and provider.

CallWave For Business- Get a dedicated fax and phone number and voicemail. Receive faxes in your email inbox and calls on any phone or PC! For your business fax - a CallWave Fax Number will deliver faxes directly to your email inbox - making it easy to save, print and forward as email. Receive faxes without tying up phone lines, sharing the company fax machine, or purchasing a new fax machine!

Over 12 million people have downloaded CallWave to stay in touch with friends and family.

If you feel that Callwave can help you, here's the link:


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