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How many companies today, regarded as mobile phone companies, can boast nearly 125 years of technological change? SIEMENS can. Take a look below, as there's not much information about them on their website!


"Siemens has been at the forefront of technological change and social progress in the UK since 1843.

SIEMENSThis was the year that William Siemens, a 19-year-old engineer and entrepreneur from Hamburg, set foot in England armed with a patent for a revolutionary electroplating process.

William Siemens subsequently took out a string of patents, some developed in co-operation with his elder brother Werner. Several of these related to telegraph equipment, which provided the basis for his company’s growth.

Mobile Phones and Devices

In today's business world the need to be contactable at home or on the road is essential. We offer a range of mobiles and accessories for business people who are constantly on the go".

If you have been tempted by this...

[Here is Where the link Was to Go to The Place!]

When setting up a website, it's a good idea to encourage your shoppers to buy online and not by telephone! Ignore the phone number, buy online and support the Internet!!

Yes, I'm a bit baffled by the disappearance of the affiliate link too. I was hoping it would continue to be good for business for YEARS! If you hear of a new Siemens affiliate program, please say! It would be good to connect it up again. In the meantime, customers, you are welcome to visit the Siemens Shop website by typing in the web address below, or you could have a look at other mobile phones and see what else there is.

http://www.siemens-shop.co.uk (Benq Siemens) affiliate program did good mostly too! ()

I'm not entirely happy with Nokia and Siemens setting up technology so the government can spy on people's private phone calls, as seen in Iran where the elections were seriously questionable and the government tried to suppress a rebellion and revolution. Still, the company tried to defend itself by saying that at least the rebels could communicate, and it was the introduction of the technology in the first place that allowed greater freedom. Well that's as maybe, but what's really needed is communication companies to be able to offer communication systems that they can honestly say are FREE OF GOVERNMENT SPYING/INTERFERENCE. A guarantee that personal communication is privacy-guaranteed. Otherwise we'll expect a discount, and have to start using secret codes! If other companies start offering privacy-guaranteed phones, there'll be competition, not on price, but on freedom. See liberty