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Decal Girl

Get yourself some full colour skins for your electronics at Decal Girl. Your gizmos will look different from everyone else's, unless they buy the same one's of course.Decal Girl

Decal Girl:

"It all started with a vision.

A small company that was formed in 2003 by a young couple in Delaware made waves its first year. Focusing on quality, craftsmanship and support, DecalGirl was producing a small line of high-quality, photo quality removable graphics for show vehicles.

Later that year, a dusty original Xbox console sitting on a desk in the company's tiny one-room office led to a revelation. The same high-quality graphics we produced for magazine-featured cars and trucks looked even better on a game console.Decal Girl

No corners were cut, no expense was spared - the best materials, the best print quality, the best equipment were combined to launch an entirely new line of full-color skins for popular game consoles with the highest quality possible.

Within 12 months, the concept had taken hold. Additional platforms were added, more staff was hired and the company continued to garner rave reviews for the products.

What started as a small hobby for two grew over the ensuing years to a streamlined, efficient and dedicated global organization that employs almost two dozen people in a 8,000 sq ft office, showroom and production facility in the same small resort town in Delaware.Decal Girl

Since 2003, DecalGirl has been on the cutting edge of the consumer need to individualize and personalize the ever-growing supply of personal electronic devices.

Covering everything from cell phones and game consoles to E-readers, MP3 players, and more, our skins provide our customers with high quality, full color art that protects their devices from scratches and blemishes while also showing off their unique style".

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Decal Girl

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