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Barbados is a country, a small island in the Caribbean. A while ago I won a week's holiday in Barbados with Affiliate Future on the Jet2 Holidays affiliate program. Great! A holiday in Barbados. However, I couldn't go myself, as I was already booked to go to Panama for three months. So I sent Xyroth on my behalf. Xyroth has an affiliate website www.xyroth-enterprises.co.uk and also works closely with this site www.zyra.org.uk . There is expected to be a page, or a set of pages, at Xyroth's site, about Barbados, hopefully soon.

At the time of writing Circular Newsletter 120 there was a hope that it could be linked up at the time, but it didn't quite happen in time, so... watch this space.

Barbados is a low tax country, and is listed on the list of tax havens , and it is the sort of place where you see affiliates with laptops under palm trees on those aspirational pictures which encourage new affiliates to set up in business.

Well I think that Affiliate Future is an excellent place to start, and I'm not just saying that because Affiliate Future has one of the best affiliate recruiter programs around, or because I won a holiday in Barbados, but because Affiliate Future is an especially affiliate-friendly affiliate marketing company and is a low-fuss network, which is quite important when you're going in for affiliate marketing.

As well as being important at Jet2 Holidays and Jet2 Flights, Barbados is also mentioned at a few other pages at this site, including the tax havens, British Airways Holidays , BMI , Easy Cruise , Government , Travel City Direct , Virgin Holidays , and Ocean Village

After the prize, I have upgraded the Jet2 Holidays page so it's got extra pictures and is getting more like the page for Kuoni. Also, I've now expanded on the feature for Affiliate Future and added Affiliate Future America and Affiliate Future Europe, and as each of these has its own merchant list page, that means that at the time of writing, there are six pages about Affiliate Future.

On the affiliate conference, evidently a fun time was had by all, and it was very good for business.

Barbados is an easy-going Caribbean place, and from all accounts much more open-minded and diversity-tolerant than some places. Take a look at www.globalgayz.com/country/Barbados/view/BRB/gay-barbados-news-and-reports to see that it's nothing like as bad as Jamaica.

Mountgay Rum is one of the notable products of Barbados, and it's now even available in the UK in Asda

Barbados could be one of the first countries in the world to completely legalise cannabis. This would help everyone, especially the police.