This domain was linked from Zyra's BOSTON page, but then one day I got a friendly e-mail from Roy at SEVENtwentyfour (was http://www.seventwentyfour.com) telling me that the link to Boston.org.uk had failed!Link here for a bigger picture of BOSTON STUMP But when I looked closely, the domain had GONE! So, Boston.org.uk being quite a valuable domain,Boston Market Day I went to www.Zyra.org.uk/123-reg.htm and BOUGHT THE DOMAIN!

The question of what to do with the Boston.org.uk had to be thought about carefully. It was considered that it should ideally be something public-spirited to do with the town of Boston, Lincolnshire, UK. So, I put it up for suggestions and offers. The idea was "You are welcome to put in offers. Convince me you have a good idea for a good, well-intentioned project, and offer me good money, and YOU will become the owner of Boston.org.uk , and then you can make it YOUR WEBSITE!". Also see how to get your own website

Post Office, Boston UKSo, there it was, Boston.org.uk , a potential for having a nice website about Boston. This was left open for a while, and I know some good contacts for building websites, and for website hosting, and all of the things mentioned here on this page were possibilities not conditions.

In the meantime the page had a few links on it:Hussey Tower


The BOSTON page ... which links to lots of Boston-related sites and contacts

Web Impact - An ISP (Internet Service Provider) in Boston!

Well there is some NEWS on this, which is that www.boston.org.uk has now been acquired by Xyroth Enterprises and will be developed, hosted by Vivostar, and used as a public spirited resource about Boston, Lincolnshire.

To have a look a this, go to www.boston.org.uk

There was a free counter on this page, but it's also been moved to the new www.boston.org.uk !