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Previously Hosted at Web Impactweb impact

Well Done to Web Impact for hosting Zyra's website for almost two years! Although Zyra's website is no longer hosted at Web Impact, the review remains almost unchanged...

Welcome to Zyra's write-up about Web Impact, another of those "my ISP by a customer" reviews! First, here's a link... To visit Web Impact themselves, here's the link and address: www.webimpact.org.uk - gone - was www.webimpact.org.uk

Now, the thing about Web Impact.org.uk is that the amount of webspace is not limited by specification of storage. Of course there is a limit, and it is based on what the BANDWIDTH is (see note at end). But, then again, if you've got loads of data and you don't need it all to be well-trod, this is just perfect!

LinuxPlus, you can have a choice of server operating system. I'm afraid this particular bit is on Micro-Whatitsname Windows2000, but you have the choice and can opt to have LINUX!

Previously Hosted at Web ImpactAnother thing about Web Impact is that the folk who run it are very friendly and always try to help. They'd visit and have cups of tea and gluten-free biscuits if they could, but they're just so busy, rushed off their feet! It's a heck of a job running an ISP, and making sure everyone's happy.

Boston, UKAnother interesting thing to note is that Web Impact isn't based in London, New York, Paris, Tokyo, or any kind of big business built-up area, but in a small rural-area town known as Boston, Lincolnshire, England

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Plus, to find out more about Internet Hosting, link to: www.webimpact.org.uk - gone - was www.webimpact.org.uk

Update 2004/07: History records that in July 2004, Zyra's website was moved from Web Impact to Vivostar. It was only after the move that the true extent of the bandwidth was revealed, although it had been guessed to be quite big for a while because of the server logs. A special thanks to Web Impact for hosting Zyra's website for two years! Well done!