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If you have come to this page because you were expecting to find BOSTON REMOVALS, then you have probably happened to press the wrong keys. Of course what you meant to type was: www.bostonremovals.co.uk (now gone, so it seems)

Meanwhile, at this piece of webspace, which really isn't much to do with Boston Removals other than the fact that we own this webspace next-door to theirs, there are some changes (see end of page).

We are very friendly, and on this side of the garden fence there is one of the back-doorways into Zyra's website.

You can also get from here through to Web Impact, who kindly hosted this webspace for us for a long while.

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Note: Most of the items featured at this webspace are being moved out, for example Pictures of Dogs, some pages about Coffee, and a few other things. Some of these have moved to Zyra.tv