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Listing for Boston, Lincolnshire, UK. Telephone code 01205 or +44 (0) 1205

This was an experimental business listing, with a category of a business type in a particular town (Boston, Lincs, UK). As a more general case, the categories at this site are more global, and in the case of pharmacists there is the Internet phenomenon of Online Pharmacists

Liquorpond Street Pharmacy 350111

Robinsons 361644

Parkside Pharmacy 310996

Brown's 364506

West Street Pharmacy 364956 - this is now part of Lloyds Pharmacy

If you phone any of these firms, please tell them you got the phone number from !!! Help support enterprising business!

This was a test example for a business model by location, tested some time ago. The information might go out of date and need updating.