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Elements of the Periodic Table , Science

Material science , Institute of Chemistry , Chemists; dispensing , Online Chemists / Pharmacists , how to save yourself from Carbon Monoxide , Nitrogen Chemistry

Sigma-Aldrich 0800 447788 uk

Merck 0800 223344 uk

BASF - The Chemical Company

DuPont - Miracles of Science

3M - famous for many things including Post-It Notes


SpecChem Online

Advanced Chemical Technology

www.kno3.com - gone! lost to cybersquatters
It has appeared for some considerable time that these people were being persecuted and falsely accused, so this has a link from INJUSTICE. KNO3.com has (OR HAD!) mirrors at ChemicalsMan.com (gone) , www.cleveland-police.org (gone) , www.thechemicalshop.com - gone! lost to cybersquatters , www.brian-howes.com - also lost to cybersquatters , www.bargainimportsuk.co.uk (gone) , www.clubfruits.com (gone) , and the story is told at www.clubfruits.com/indexkno3.html (gone). Plus now also Campaign Against Unfair Extradition - was http://extradition.org.uk/ - gone - silenced again presumably by evil governments?!. It is WORRYING that many of these sites have been silenced, most likely by the evil establishment. Also see INJUSTICE and Liberty


Chemixtry.be - chemistry forum (gone?!)

www.sciencemadness.org - experimentalists

The stuff about Liquid Nitrogen is actually physics. However, a similar tale about Sodium involves chemistry, at least to the extent that if you put sodium in water it goes bang. Other substances mentioned here: creosote , Calcium Carbonate , boron

Incidentally, Chemical UK is an Urban fashion shop, even though the name might get some people thinking it's a chemistry place.

As well as these useful contacts, there's also a special page about glass ampoules as it would be nice to find a customer to buy the boxes full of them in stock at Zyra's Bazaar!

I had a set of interesting chemicals on sale, but these are now SOLD (to someone who has the knowledge and responsibility to use them sensibly)