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Glass Ampoules available from various places

Laboratory glassware is a specialist field and there are a range of places which stock the correct items for your needs. If you are looking for ampoules, you're probably looking for a large bulk order of them. I have a few contacts who may be able to help.

I found Johnsen and Jorgensen very helpful (phone (UK) 01618 741930) website http://www.jjpack.com/ but at the time (2006/04) they had moved away from the ampoule business and were doing well in the business of manufacturing diverse items including glass bottles, jars, vials, cosmetic containers, pharmaceutical receptacles, bottles, containers, buckets, free standing UN containers, food containers, giftware, PET bottles, bowls, candleholders, stoneware, fluorescent coloured shot glasses and other special containers. The people at Johnsen and Jorgensen recommended two other places for the supply of glass ampoules:

Labsales in Rochdale - phone 01706 356444


Adelphi in Sussex http://www.adelphi.uk.com

These places may be worth a call if you're looking to buy millions of ampoules. But if you only want a few thousand ampoules, or a few hundred, I may have what you are looking for here! Zyra's Bazaar will be moving, and I'd rather not move the boxes full of 50ml glass ampoules and 5ml glass ampoules across the world to another location. So if you're interested, contact us. The stock is currently located in the East of England. Shipping can be arranged.

Glass ampoules are in effect small bottles, usually used in the pharmaceutical industry, but instead of having a cork or a screw-cap, they are designed to be filled and then sealed by melting the glass bottle neck to form a perfect hermetically sealed glass envelope. The idea is that whatever you've sealed inside the ampoule will remain inside the ampoule indefinitely, until such time as the glass is broken open.

If you're trying to remember the name of that movie in which glass ampoules are found in a shipwreck, how about "The Deep" by Peter Benchley? Worth a search on Amazon and other Video Shops

Because of different spelling, it seemed like a good idea at the time to create a second page. It's almost exactly the same as this page except it's got it as "AMPULES" instead of "ampoules". Same little glass containers, different spelling.