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It's a sad fact that authority is generally not on the side of the people. Individuals are often persecuted and arbitrarily punished by The Establishment. Having a system of LAW might be assumed to provide some justice, but quite often law is severely open to abuse by The System. It's worse in some countries than others, but the problem of institutionalised mucking-up of people's lives is a general situation.

Up until recently it was very difficult to do much about it, as The Establishments had all the power, and we the individuals did not. But now, with freedom on the Internet, we can at least have our stories heard. It's more difficult for the Big Brother system to maintain its control over public relations when we write about what's happened to us.

Although there might be folk who would say it doesn't do any good because the Government continues regardless of what people say or think, and people don't vote for politicians, we can at least stop the Government(s) pretending that they are perfect. Even as early as 2007, people are already starting to realise that most other people don't like their government, and the point about that is that it's much harder for a system to remain in power under a myth of democracy when the greater proportion of the people despise The System.

This particular page has a few hints of Libertarianism, but the mid-range political situations will be on other pages. So if you're looking for material about the problems in Burma, Guantanamo Bay Concentration Camp, Tibet, North Korea, the mistreatment of the Tamils in Sri Lanka, legal oppression in Singapore, these belong on other pages, some of which are yet to be created. On this page, we have individual stories of injustice where a person can write about their own mistreatment at the hands of the evil tyranny, fake democracy, corrupt police clique, or whatever other type of oppression they are subject to.

Here are a few examples to start with:

Fred Salaff - victim to "guilty until proven innocent" authorities.

Free Gary McKinnon from the oppressive government persecution. Update 2009: Gary McKinnon is now being extradited to a cruel and unjust legal system and faces "certain death" according to some people. Also see www.friends-extradited.org/citizens/gary_mckinnon

Police Dishonesty in San Ignacio, Belize - the page also contains links to several other Belize police corruption stories.

Patrick Malluzzo - an innocent backpacker jailed and tortured by the authorities in Mumbai, India. - was http://www.patrickmalluzzo.com/

Bill Shaw - trapped by a scam and jailed in Afghanistan as part of the "anti-corruption campaign" by the post-invasion government. So, how anti-corrupt does the government of Afghanistan look now?!

Asia Bibi - sentenced to death in Pakistan (another case of islamofascism)

Jean Charles de Menenez - an innocent person shot dead by police in the UK - also see searches as there are signs of an attempted cover-up.

Houshang Asadi - jailed and/or tortured by various governments in Iran. See Letters to my Torturer

Darby Penney: Cover-up over state imposed forced electric shock in New York - mad people and other dissidents beware! - Also see the case of Ray Sandford - forced electroshock - (appears to be a case of state-sponsored brainwashing to wipe out memory).

Shirley McKie - policewoman framed by the Scottish Fingerprint Service even though her prints were not a good match!

Troy Davis - killed (executed), even though there was doubt about guilt. Sounds very much like a put-up job.

Dmitry Sklyarov - persecuted by the USA for writing a computer program in Russia

Colin Stagg: (do some searches!): An extraordinary case of conspiracy by the authorities (and some newspapers) to frame someone for a crime they did not commit. I would have thought that persecution of people because of beliefs in Witchcraft went out a few centuries earlier.

Legal system fundamentally flawed, and in particular: Innocent people executed in the USA

The UK is an extremist authoritarian police-state. See the case of someone punished for selling a goldfish. Then again, maybe it's just a particular local council that's got a problem. Has Trafford Council got any previous extremist behaviour on record?

Persecution of Ray Gosling - It seems the UK police don't like gay people, and there's also a hidden agenda against mercy-killing. However, there is no merit in persecuting someone for making a claim on TV when there's no proof either way. "Wasting police time" indeed? By the way, can the police be charged with wasting their own time? How much police time is wasted on pursuing various other futile cases?

Debra Ridgley: There is not enough evidence to prove much but initially it looks as if she was framed (searches for "Debra Ridgley" reveal various sites, with accounts of varying accuracy).

It is suspected that cases like this corrupt police drug framing incident in the Philippines http://www.coconutstudio.com/fishing%20expedition.htm are common in some places, and it only takes a few such problems to put off expats and tourists who would be good for the economy.

Various problems to do with inappropriate police behaviour in the USA are highlighted under the title "To Punish and Enslave", which may or may not be the way of things to come regarding erosion of personal freedom in the USA, depending on whether people are willing to put up with it.

Also see Fair Trials Abroad (was http://www.fairtrialsabroad.org/) and Fair Trials International

There's a case of Abuse in the Children Services which is a personal account of injustice and establishment-controlled abuse. Sam Spruce tells it how it is. This is quite complicated, but it is well documented and quite an eye-opener when you understand the extent to which the attitudes are deeply entrenched in society in the UK. The story is written as a set of chapters which are connected from a main page and in sequence. Best to start from "Introduction" and follow through. When you understand what happened you can see this is a shocking case of abuse by The System.

Chemistry website www.kno3.com - http://www.kno3.com now gone - lost to cybersquatters - : some UK people who set up a website selling chemicals to chemistry enthusiasts now victimised, persecuted, and extradited to the USA on trumped-up accusations based on the idea that basic chemicals can be used to make drugs.

He Zhimin - slavery in the brick industry in China

Richard O'Dwyer - another case of the USA getting away with persecuting people internationally. More about this horror at www.techdirt.com/articles/20120113/09184917400/us-to-extradite-uk-student-copyright-infringement-despite-site-being-legal-uk.shtml

Bali is in Indonesia, and Indonesia has a less-than-glorious reputation on human rights. Look what happened to Chris Parnall. Being framed for a crime he didn't commit, police corruption, a scandalous story of injustice.

What does this achieve, highlighting such cases? It's a bit like having a radar showing numerous instances of rotten food in restaurants: people tend to choose to eat in different places if they know about how bad the worst places are. Globally, this technique has an impact on bad regimes as people tend to "vote with their feet" in various ways.

In some severe cases, where a regime is a threat to us all globally, the regime needs to be overthrown.