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The Tamils in Sri Lanka are an oppressed minority. Sri Lanka is a large tropical island near India, but whereas India is pluralistic and copes with different people, and even allows independence where appropriate, Sri Lanka has for a long time suffered a stubborn uncompromising attitude to people who don't agree with the Sinhalese government. So, this land which is the "Beautiful Island" has suffered years of turmoil, culminating in genocide of Tamils.

It's not fair, and besides the obvious things that are wrong with genocide, oppressive government, and killing people because they don't conform, there's also the problem that there's a confidence trick on a grand scale, as governments of the Western World were for a long time fooled into some George-Warmonger'ish notion that the freedom-fighters for Tamil Eelam were "terrorists". This is odd, as the United States was founded by declaring independence from the British, and fighting a war of independence against their oppressors.

Britain has a much better record of allowing independently-minded people to declare independence in later times, and in 1948, Ceylon (Sri Lanka) was granted independence! It seems a mystery that the new country would not grant the same secession to the Tamils in the formation of Tamil Eelam.

The Tamil Tigers, in their fight for a Homeland, have used guerrilla warfare against the government. There's been a campaign of suicide bombing, which is typical of a people who feel so strongly that they are willing to sacrifice their own lives towards their people's liberation. Note, however, that Tamils are not Islamic fundamentalists; they are Hindu, mostly. The Hindu belief system doesn't have a "Jihad", and the idea is not to "dominate the world". The people just want a homeland, and if the Buddhist Sinhalese autocracy had been Stoic about it and accepted it as a natural fact, and allowed the secession of the North-East fifth of the island, there'd now be two tropical destinations for tourists to visit! There might even be, in later times, a bridge to India, to the province of Tamil Nadu, which India accepts to have some level of self-determination.

Unfortunately, the attitude in Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte is more fundamentalist, and that sort of stubbornness is something you'll probably encounter if you visit Sri Lanka and try to do anything out-of-the-ordinary. Authority figures define the rules, and then stick to them regardless of whether there's any good sense.

At the time of the Second World War, the German government of the time tried to eliminate the Jews. The attempt was unsuccessful, and after the defeat of the Nazi government, the Jews were granted a homeland, Israel. Now in the present age, both Germany and Israel exist. It should similarly be possible for there to exist a Sinhalese Sri Lanka and an independent Tamil homeland of Tamil Eelam? The analogy with Jews continues as Tamils are a diaspora, ie they are a set of people around the world. Even if the Sri Lanka government were to stand victorious having killed the last Tamil in Sri Lanka, there would still be a great many Tamils around the world, and they'd still be a hope of a Tamil homeland. Because of the troubles, many Tamils have emigrated to Canada, and to other places which have some sympathy.

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Let's hope that when the Tamils eventually achieve their homeland, they make a point of being pro-freedom and pro-diversity, ie not making the mistakes of Sri Lanka! If Sri Lanka had been run properly in the first place, I might have emigrated there. When designing Tamil Eelam, it's got to be a place that accepts the eccentricity of tourists, and if it's also a tax haven then it would attract ex-pats from around the world, provided it is a country where there is FREEDOM.