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I hope you've got broadband so this picture loads in a reasonable time. Scroll down to see the shpiel about it, right at the end. It looks as if it's several lines down from the picture.

I've got my doubts about this tax haven

Zyra's website does very well as a profitable online business, so Zyra is planning to emigrate to a tax haven. There are many tax havens to choose from, each with their own merits and downsides. Tax havens are often, but not always, tropical island places where photographs taken with a digital camera look like idyllic tropical scenes of the type seen in travel brochures. However, the truth about migrating a business to a tax haven has complications. To find out, and to minimise potential difficulties, Zyra has visited a few tax havens! Some have been great, and yet some have had unnecessary awkwardness. It's a pity, when a place looks so good, that it's got a culture of "too many rules", or some other problems which make it impractical to move there.

The picture shows a tropical beach scene with palm trees like a picture postcard, placed at a jaunty angle, but the colour-balance of the background has been augmented to indicate there's something not quite right. In the foreground, Zyra is standing there with bright pink hair and an outfit to match, although the hair colour is in fact Intense Red by Smart Beauty, the light and other conditions make it appear bright pink in the modelling shot. There's also the idea that Zyra is no-longer at the location, as if walking away, into cyberspace.

Zyra is looking a bit dischuffed, rather than enigmatic, as the visit to Sri Lanka was a disaster! Even though the people are friendly and the climate is nice, the country has got problems. It's a "too many rules" political situation endemic in society, and that's why I'll not be moving there!

I can see that I'm not alone in being upset about the Sri Lanka regime, and to me it's easy to see why the Tamils have got upset about it and want their own homeland.

Photo of Zyra taken using a Canon EOS350 digital camera

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