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How about that? DGM PRO has now branched out to bring Affiliate Marketing to India. This is especially fortunate, as India is a vast market and with a diversity like The Internet, and there is no credit crunch or economic downturn. The economy is expanding and prospering.

Here's what they say at DGM India:

"dgm India is a wholly owned subsidiary of Deal Group Media. The company's principal activity is the provision of online marketing services through the mediums of performance based marketing, search engine positioning, optimisation and marketing services, including the provision of competitive intelligence gathering services.India

Globally, dgm provides services to more than 300 blue-chip clients and agencies with over 80 staff. Utilising powerful software, dgm has the ability to trace a consumer's activity online to a specific advertisement. Therefore, regardless of the pricing model or product, dgm can report on the direct correlation between advertising spend and consumer take-up. In Australia this is the only pure ROI performance based online advertising model available.

Our main philosophies through the company are to add value, use a consultative approach and offer ethical and transparent solutions. As a performance based company we will offer you the best and most sustainable activity available. Finding a mix of cost efficiency and volume is our aim, removing any area which is not cost effective and optimising our solution.

With CPA (dgmPerformance) we operate a simple yet effective solution which utilises our network of media owners and those who you wish to target. These media owners integrate content, manage search, display banner ads, utilise their own email databases and offer 'sponsorships' with the sole aim of driving new customers for you. We work with you to determine how much you are willing to pay for a new customer and dgm manage the process. We ensure optimisation across the offers you have running, management of your more effective partners and anything we can do to maximise your return.

Our tracking solution will show you the basics of which sites are driving what volumes of sales, and which creatives and messaging delivered you users, through to the more advanced features including sales latency on product purchase as well as trending and analysis reports.

Affiliate marketing is the oldest channel of positive ROI activity online and yet in India it is surprisingly under utilised. Many of the worlds leading companies, including eBay, Amazon and Dell, have utilised this cost effective, scaleable and, more importantly, sustainable medium. It has helped these companies acquire consumers without over spending budgets and it is this type of acquisitional activity, which has helped position them as leading online marketers.DGM PRO

With Search Engine Marketing through Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising activity, our aim is to provide you with demonstrable return, this means we constantly evolve your program and improve the results we deliver. We operate a simple structure where our fees are related to your spend and subsequent return on investment. To increase transparency we'll happily provide you with the invoices from our suppliers, and logins so you can see what we are delivering and how. We provide you with the same level of analysis and reporting we'd want. We work on the simple objective of adding value and return on your search advertising spend".

I've been an affiliate of DGM for years, and I'm much more keen on being paid on a performance basis than on "per lead" or "per click". However, it takes all types.

If you're thinking of signing up as an affiliate, don't worry about being paid in INR (Indian Rupees). That is a good currency, and you can open a bank account in Indian Rupees even if you live in a country that's more accustomed to Pounds Sterling, Dollars, or Euros. International banks can cope with this.

Anyway, here's the link to go to DGM India:


I think it would be good if there was an affiliate recruiter program, especially if it was a Revenue Share type.

There seems to be something short-termist about DGM India. Some of the campaigns have expired, and even the sign-up location hasn't persisted. It's all temporary, short-term stuff. So, if you expect to earn some Indian rupees, you'd better have a plan which does so quickly, rather than long term reliable planning like I have.

Also worth knowing: When you see numbers like 1,000,000 and you're accustomed to seeing the commas every three digits, remember that convention doesn't apply throughout the entire world. In India, orders of magnitude have different significances. So, you see these:

Leks : 100000 (one hundred thousand)
Crores : 10000000 (ten million)

and the commas in the positions accordingly. So, instead of the speed of light being 299,792,458 it would be 29,97,92,458.

Even though DGM UK has gone into Administration, DGM India still goes from strength to strength. It should; it's got a bigger market!

Creative commons free MAPS copied with permission from Free World Maps.net, whose link is also featured at the page of MAPS