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This is the new up and coming superpower, a capitalist country with acceptance of diversity and pluralism, founded in ancient times but growing to take advantage of the new developments in technology.

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India is a vast market and with a diversity like The Internet, and there is no credit crunch or economic downturn. The economy is expanding and prospering. Also, unlike Sri Lanka (where it's trying to be culturally rigid), India is a place of many cultures. If you are adventurous and decide to travel to India, you'll find it's different from one place to another a few miles along the road.India Flag

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If you're thinking of signing up as an affiliate, don't worry about being paid in INR (Indian Rupees). That is a good currency, and you can open a bank account in Indian Rupees even if you live in a country that's more accustomed to Pounds Sterling, Dollars, or Euros. International banks can cope with this.

Bollywood is a film industry that's already bigger than Hollywood.

Although India has problems with too much paperwork and bureaucracy (a throwback to the British Raj), at least it's not hidebound in red-tape and ridiculous rules like Europe.

Also, in terms of treating people well if they are different to the normal, one measure of this is the fact that India has a long tradition of The Hijra, who are transsexuals, and an accepted part of the culture. Compare this cultural tolerance with the bad old days of stuffy intolerant christianism in the "Western World".

The Hindu religion is polytheistic. If you see monotheistic versions of it, it's largely a sell-out to appease monotheistic religions in other parts of the world.

It is no coincidence that The Beatles found inspiration in India. It is a place where there is cultural enlightenment, if you know where to find it!

India FlagWe are promoting some companies in India. These include Bharti Airtel , The Lalit Hotels and Resorts , Monginis Deli , Yatra , Shoppers Stop , The Retail Association of India , and many others. There's an extra list of DGM India merchants

Also worth knowing: When you see numbers like 1,000,000 and you're accustomed to seeing the commas every three digits, remember that convention doesn't apply throughout the entire world. In India, orders of magnitude have different significances. So, you see these:

Leks : 100000 (one hundred thousand)
Crores : 10000000 (ten million)

and the commas in the positions accordingly. So, instead of the speed of light being 299,792,458 it would be 29,97,92,458.

Geographically, India was previously a separate continent/island, but on plate tectonic animations you can see India has crashed into Asia, resulting in the stacking-up of the Himalayas as a crumple-zone, and India being known as a Subcontinent. Is Europe ever referred to as a Subcontinent?!

It was obviously a good idea, as soon as 123 Reg started offering .in to get a new webspace. Hence, Zyra India and a new page like this one about India

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