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Merchants with DGM India

Here's a list of merchants who we're promoting on affiliate programs at DGM India. It's a wonder there aren't a great many more of them considering how big India is and how people there are in India and how many companies are set up in India. I expect there'll be more here as time goes on...

A1 Books IndiaIndia Flag

Ads 2 Book

Akbar Travels Online

Bharti Airtel

Ferns N Petals

The Lalit *

Monginis Foods

Monster India

Retail Association

Shoppers Stop

Snapfish - India



Yahoo Web Services - India

Yatra Online

Subject to Expansion


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The Lalit - The Lalit (Hotels in India) is with another affiliate network in India. Also, there's now Zyra India to encourage interest in the Subcontinent.