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Monster India

Find yourself a better career with Monster India! They offer you a range of services, to help you advance your career.

Monster India:

"About Monster:

Leading online global careers network having:

- 20000+ employers searching Monster database

- 45000+ live jobs on Monster

Monster offer five Career services:

- XpressResume+: To reach out to Top Placement consultants of India on monster panel.

- RightResume: To get a professionally written resume

- Career Booster: Career booster is a combination of 'XpressResume+' & 'RightResume' service

- Resume Highlighter: This service makes resume STAND OUT in employer search result listing with special showcasing and makes it more likely to be viewed.

Career Astrology: Provides Career Guidance and Predications through various Career Astrology Services".

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:


Monster India

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