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A1Books India

A1 Books India A1Books.co.in could become the largest online book marketplace for Indian publishers? That would be remarkably good for business, as it is a very big market. There are more people in India, and the economy of India is continuing to do well.

In the words of A1 Books: "A1Books.com was started as an on-line bookseller for consumers in the USA. Currently A1Books.com, the USA website, operates in the consumer trade and the mass-market book trade. A1Books.com has positioned itself as a leader in book assortment, inventory depth, fulfilment, distribution and value pricing. It boasts over 1 million titles from leading publishers and distributors. Every title in the A1Books.com assortment is priced utilizing a1Books' dynamic and proprietary pricing engine, which enables A1Books.com to aggressively discount prices while maintaining competitive gross margins. A1Books.com boasts a 98% fulfilment rate and ships within 24 to 72 hours of receiving an order. A1Books.co.in is set to be the largest online book marketplace for Indian publishers".

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:A1 Books IndiaA1 Books India

The Link Was here to go to the Place!

www.a1books.co.in affiliate program is with DGM India - Sadly this affiliate program has gone, so it seems, and we have had to bung up the page. The old link was http://www.s2d6.com/x/?x=c&z=s&v=1913883&k=linkidentity but there are plenty of other affiliate programs in India