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TIBET - a Himalayan country which currently (2011) has problems. It's occupied by China. As far as we know there's no OIL in Tibet, so it seems unlikely that the USA government will want to do anything about it. Meanwhile, various groups of people are campaigning for the liberation of Tibet.

The Government of Tibet in Exile

Free Tibet.org
"Free Tibet Campaign stands for the Tibetans' right to decide their own future. It campaigns for and end to the Chinese occupation of Tibet and for the Tibetans' fundamental human rights to be respected. It is independent of governments and is funded by its members and supporters"

Tibet Support Group

Save Tibet.org
International Campaign for Tibet

United Nations Human Rights website - was www.unhchr.ch

also see Libertarian contacts

So as to avoid the argument here being one-sided, Chinese government philosophy may also be expressed here to the effect that it's somehow right for Tibet to be owned by China, and then the people can read both points of view and make their own minds up about who is right.

Update: In the run-up to the Chinese Olympics, some amazing pictures are being taken by tourists in Tibet, where local Tibetans are burning the Chinese flag and generally making comment about the occupation of Tibet by China. It's a bit disappointing for the Chinese government, who were hoping the Olympics would show China in a glorious light. Come to think of it, it's quite curious to think that the people who decide where to have the Olympics allowed China to host the event when China is occupying Tibet. Maybe that is a sign, an endorsement by the Olympics, in support of the occupation? Or, maybe it is a grand opportunity for China to do what's right about Tibet and to allow it to become a self-governing province or a new country. China 2008 Olympics; honour or disgrace?

The History of Tibet is worth knowing about, especially when discussing the politics and the rights and wrongs of what has been going on in the modern era. So, here are a few useful references about the long and interesting history of Tibet:

Wikipedia history of Tibet

Friends of Tibet

www.rangzen.org/history/views.htm - an interesting comparison of the history of Tibet from Chinese and Tibetan viewpoints.

http://www.tibetmap.com/confbr.html - a revealing viewpoint

Tibet before the Chinese Invasion of 1949 - was http://www.savetibet.org/tibet/history/beforechinese.php