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Also see: Oil prospecting companies and geological links and North Sea Oil


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Shell Breakdown AssistanceShell - also see Shell Breakdown Assistance

Now in Italics? - Well Done to BP for bunging-up the leak in the Gulf of Mexico!


Q8 - was http://www.q8.com

Total / Fina / Elf


Exxon / Esso - Written about at this site

Sometimes the Pagans tell them to Begone!





Other Oil/Gas links: www.rigzone.com

Alternative Oil: Bio Diesel

Oil waste disposal interesting situations internationally... Trafigura

Looks like oil: creosote

How the order of this list is arranged

If you work for a business in this category, or if you'd like to recommend anyone, please contact me. If your company is not on this list here, don't be offended, get it included! And if you think you should be at the top of the list, see the PRESTIGIOUS LIST

Or, if you don't like oil companies, or any one oil company in particular, contact me and I'll hear you views and try to give everyone a fair say.

Don't blame oil companies for the price of oil. Shell for example gets six pence for every litre of petrol sold at garages. Most of the price is TAX, for which the finger can be pointed at the government. But then again, what would you rather they put the tax on?