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Also see: Oil companies , hard water , places and the Platinum-Diamond connection


Geological resources, oil prospecting companies, various mineral interest in general...

David Clark Ph.D, FGS Petroleum Geology, Carbonate Sedimentology, International Oil 7 Gas Projects: - gone?

Volcanology - was

AOH Consultants Ltd (was 0845 0893669 Health & safety, geology, asbestos inspection, etc.

British Geological Survey

USGS - United States Geological Survey

Geology Department of Leicester University

School of Ocean and Earth Sciences, Southampton University (was

Earthquakes in the UK ? - personal account of the earth tremor that happened on 27th feb 2008

Ask GeoMan

Geology at Davis, California (was

List of Gold Mines

Underground Interest

Platinum-Diamond connection

Krakatoa West or East of Java?

Richter Scale - basic explanation for people who don't know what it is

Underground coal mine fires - and how to put them out

Volcano Insurance

Geological minerals as polished items are available from Crystal Age

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