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EXXON started out as Standard Oil, (S.O.) but soon realised this could be displayed as the word "Esso". Later, when this was discovered to mean "stalled car" in Japanese, the company put $2 million into researching a new name and decided upon EXXON, which doesn't mean anything else in any known language.

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standard oil or once esso',and now exxon is because......esso or EasterN Standard oil .= ESSO. since X's are in the easterN world are pronounced as S's, hence  EXXON = eastern standared oil.....ESSO pre 1974. Aramco oil nationalised 1974 = EXXON which stands for ESterN Standard Oil Nationalised. U.S. State DEPT>.,   WAR WAR WAR       WORLD war!!!!!!!!! #3.       dr. yo.

However, to maintain balance, we are reliably informed that BP spent £1,000,000 to an 'advertising consultancy' to change their logo, and they changed it from 'BP' to 'BP' in italics !!!!

Rethink, was formerly the National Schizophrenia Fellowship, and had a change of name and corporate logo makeover which required a lot of talking about.

The BBC used to have a logo which was in italics and was (at some expense) straightened.

Also, next went from having their name in capitals to having their name in lower case, at some considerable expense. See next logo change at a store!

There is no shame in putting money and/or effort into creating or altering a name or corporate image, and it's important to get it right! The name of ZYRA was created and road-tested using the best systems available at the time. See the page why ZYRA.