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So, why am I called... ZYRA ?

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Characters in adventures tend have names with a bit of zing to them, generally something with no spaces in. Astaroth, Elvira, Gandalf, rather than Joe Bloggs. A name on a record has to have a good sound. And a name in lights looks best if not too many bulbs are required.

I used several methods simultaneously to come up with the stage name of ZYRA. I wrote a computer program which generated phonetic products and I used that to eliminate a great many permutations. I also knew that Exxon spent two million dollars making sure their new name did not mean anything like "Stalled Car" in Japanese etc [more]. And, I knew that the name had to SOUND GOOD and to look right as a credit on a performance or on a work of a creative nature. Most importantly it had to be UNIQUE, and I put considerable research into making sure that possibilities of the name were not used by anyone else or any company or meant anything else. One of the other names turned out to be the name of a company making timepieces, so even though I'd thought up a name with originality, it was duplicated unbeknown to myself, and had to be disregarded. The computer output was producing "ZYRA", and the only other instance I knew of this ever occurring elsewhere was the name of a planet in the film "When Worlds Collide". But having the same name as a Sci-Fi planet was no bad thing, especially as it had connotations of a New World, and I knew of music makers who had sci-fi names, for example T'Pau (same name as Mr Spock's grandmother), Duran Duran (same name as a character using a Positronic Ray in the film "Barbarella"), and the eponymous fictional entities were not a problem. I put the name on test for a while to make sure there were no conflicts, and then after a few months I registered it on the Free Association machine (it was before the Internet). Although "The Planet Luna", record by Zyra, was not released in that era, companies Zyra's Bazaar and Zyra Electric were soon in business. Zyra's Bazaar has been in business continuously since the mid 1980s. Now in the zero-zeroes, it is hoped that the fame of Zyra will be more extended.

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