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3M Post-it Notes
This page is being expanded into being about 3M Select!

3M, the manufacturer of Post-it® Notes, has a brand new website where visitors design and order their own customised Post-it® Notes.

Ever fancied having your own name or design on a Post-it® Note pad? Maybe so, in fact you might have always looked at Post-it® Note pads and thought "I wish I could have MY name on there!", but even if you have never had such an ambition, you must admit that now the possibility has been put to you, it's a pretty neat idea!

This new website has just been launched that allows you to customise a Post-it® Note pad with your own details. They can then be ordered and paid for online by Credit or Switch card. Delivery takes about 2 weeks. (ie not long)

Create your own artwork
Creating your own Post-it® Note couldn't be easier, simply click onto the site and follow the steps below:

Sounds good? Ready to have a closer look and give it a go?...

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3M = Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company - founded in 1902 to mine minerals for grinding and then diversified and have done rather well since then!

www.postitcustomnotes.com affiliate program was with BUY AT

This page at Zyra's affiliate website has been around for a few years, and the 3M Affiliate Program is expanding to include the full range of 3M Select which is a very notable office equipment company. Of course the shpiel on this page will be updated, and so that's something to look forward to.

Meanwhile, if you're looking for where you can get some Post-it Notes, you could have a look at some of the Stationery shops which have them. Also, watch out for updates to this page!