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This sounds interesting. Seems to be, whether you've got an aluminium body or the more usual humanoid skin, this company has something for you. Here's what they say:

"SKIN CARE & CAR, PLANE & BOAT CLEANERS, SEALANTS, PROTECTANTS. Skin care products that do not wash off the skin, even with soap and water. This benefit gives our products a wide range of uses. They keep the skin from absorbing harmful chemical, prevent cracking, chafing, and peeling and dry skin. The application potential of these products are unlimited. The products are guaranteed to produce softer, smoother, younger looking skin. High repeat business. Since 1986 the industrial division of A.C.T. has offered cleaners, sealants and protectants for the automotive, aviation and boating industry. These products meet or exceed Douglas and Boeing Aviation standards. They provide long lasting protection, a mirror finish for any painted or aluminium finish. Repeat business is nearly 100%"


"Advanced Chemical Technology, specialises in barrier technology. In our medical division, OTC drug products are designed to protect your skin. Our alcohol free instant hand wash is designed to kill harmful germs and reduce the risk of cross contamination in the home or in the hospital. In our industrial division our products are designed to protect the finish of you airplane or automobile. You can purchase our products with complete confidence that they will perform as advertised. They always carry a 100% money back guarantee."

And other thing, if you want some PTFE, (the slipperiest substance known according to the Guinness Book of Records), they sell that too.

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