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Also see Recommendation - personal comment by a customer! Meanwhile, a web-rendering of a Cash Generator publicity flyer...


"We sell nearly new at the lowest prices in Britain:

Televisions, Video Recorders, Hi-Fi Systems, CD Players, Radios, Game Systems, Games, Bikes, Sports Equipment, Musical Instruments, Microwaves, Kettles, Toasters, Food Mixers, Jewellery, Watches, Cameras, Camcorders, Telephones, Answer Machines, Fax Machines, Lawnmowers and much, much more.

Buy or Sell, You Always Get More At The Blue & Yellow Store!!


Tel: +44 (0) 1205 353 335


9 High Street Boston UK

Subject to status. Minimum age 18. ID required"

This page is not the official site of Cash Generator, but a page which is part of Zyra's site , and is soon to link to the/an official site, though this has been in flux for quite a while and has quite a interesting history to it.

The aforementioned stuff in quotes was correct at the time of original publishing, and that was some time ago. Check the store for current information, as these things are subject to change. Try not to worry about the FSA as this is recorded history and is not intended to be an up-to-date ad for the place. However the phone number was right last time we looked.

News (2001/10)! A site has been found. See www.cashgenerator.net (not compatible with all computers and phone lines etc due to various problems). Also, seems to be offline 2003/07 yet listed on Google. Possible server bandwidth snags?

News (2003/07) Another new site found www.cashgenerator.co.uk (These sites seem to have various ActiveX problems)

Also, how about this?: http://www.bostonuk.com/business/preferred/cashgenerator/home.htm (gone)

We are quite fond of Cash Generator and were quite surprised when Cash Generator head office asked us to remove the helpful page of advertising which was on here (that was a while back).

Maybe some day there will be an update on this, as we are good for business! For example, take a look at how well Jessops, Harrods, and Comet are doing.

Meanwhile, you are welcome to see some places who are happy to advertise here. See the SHOPPING PORTAL, and if there's any update regarding resuming nice page(s) for Cash Generator, we'll see what can be done!

For a long while this page became just a link to our own Shopping Portal, up until 2006 July when our friends at Cash Generator Boston asked for a link to go back on the site.

As Cash Generator head office had been given a good year or so to test their PPC* campaign, we thought it best to restore the page and continue to advertise Cash Generator! See, you can't keep customers quiet indefinitely!

The new site for Cash Generator Boston is: www.cashgeneratorboston.co.uk perdido_2012/09/25

The main site for Cash Generator is:


...and we are hoping there will be an affiliate program in early 2011. When that happens it will merit an additional page.

* PPC = Pay Per Click - regarded as the old way of advertising. See no PPC policy at this site! A much better way of advertising is an agreed percentage per sale on an affiliate program. For more about affiliate marketing see affiliate marketing explained