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Lillo's Italian Restaurant in Boston UK

If you fancy eating Italian food in Boston, Lillo's Restaurant may be a good place to visit. The food is well recommendable by almost all of the people who have eaten there. As well as good meals to eat in the comfortable surroundings of the restaurant, you can also get food to take away, although not many people know about the takeaway service as it's kept reasonably quiet. Lillo's Italian Restaurant is a place to eat dinner or evening meal, and parties of however many are catered for if you book in advance.

Because of the special arrangement the place has with this website, you can get 10% off if you mention ZYRA put the recommendation in! (print this page if you like).

Lillo's Italian Restaurant is located in Tawney Street, just behind Coney's, and opposite Iceland Frozen Food. The phone number is Boston (01205) 363000. Easy enough to remember, but don't forget to mention ZYRA put the good word in!

The restaurant is open on most nights, and the busiest is Saturday, but surely the best night to go is Wednesday night, which is Steak Night. This would be a lot more popular if more people knew about it!

If you fancy going to Lillo's to eye-up the place, there is currently an offer on where you can have one free cup of coffee just for asking and mentioning ZYRA. Can't say fairer than that.

Incidentally, that building with the interesting architecture used to be Fyffes banana-ripening house many years ago. Tropical bananas were always gathered while still green, shipped in banana boats, and then given a final ripening in nice warm buildings before being taken to greengrocers where an apostrophe was sometimes inappropriately added. Now, when you eat at Lillo's, it's up to you to choose what condiments you'd like to add to your food!

How would you like to own your own Italian restaurant? Lillo's Italian Restaurant in Boston Lincs WAS FOR SALE! Shucks! It's gone. Too late. Well, we wish the new owners good luck in business, but it's hard to see how they'll succeed, without the chef and without a sensible agreement about the original pizza oven and a few other things. Still, maybe they'd like to negotiate with us about some reasonable arrangement for a nice LINK from this page.

Note: The next-door neighbours Coneys now have an affiliate program, so they have a picture on another page too.