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2nd to Nunn Computers

Still there in spirit, in the form of Marken Computers

2nd-to-Nunn (now Marken) is a proper computer shop. The Marken/2nd-to-Nunn Computer Shop is a place where you can buy a computer from people who actually know about computers. You can tell it's a proper computer shop because of the important clues:

Now I know you're going to say Zyra is going on about it again and making a big speech about proper computer shops, and harking back to the days of Felix Computers. But this is important.

Update 2005: 2nd To Nunn has been bought out by Marken Computers, who are also a proper computer shop. So, you can still buy a computer in Boston. If you visit the actual location at No 8 The Holland Units, Redstone Industrial Estate, Boston, Lincolnshire, PE21 8EA, UK, or phone 01205 364848, you can still mention Zyra put the word in!

Update 2007: Marken Computers now have a website which is Marken PCs.co.uk (was www.markenpcs.co.uk (gone) , now (2010) www.callright.co.uk (now lost to cybersquatters) ). Next, who knows, they might be having an affiliate program!? When you go there, remember to ask about Linux. 2012: Please let me know what the new website is!