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Bycrofts Pork Pies & Lincolnshire Sausages a Speciality

Jack Scaife Classic dry cured bacon, exported to everywhere in the world (except USA, where they've got some funny laws about meat imports) - was www.jackscaife.co.uk

Boston Sausage - now includes GLUTEN FREE sausages

Omaha SteaksOmaha Steaks
Exports from the USA are OK!

Donald Russell
Purveyors of fine foods!

Premier Meats
Change your butcher, not your lifestyle!

Meat could easily be properly labelled, and then people who have made a choice to have Kosher or Halal Ritual Slaughter of meat can have what they want, and people who have made a choice to have "humanely slaughtered" meat can have what they want too. This is in contrast to what many UK supermarkets have been doing, in effect forcing compulsory Halal for all customers (because it's cheaper?!)

It's worth asking your butcher if you can have a decent amount of fat on your meat

More to be added here in time.