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Fat on Meat!

Let's have a decent amount of Fat on Meat!

It may be a recession, but the problem of goods on sale being skimped was already going too far, what with sneaky tricks to skimp on products and the nonsense about toilet roll middles and goods being price at so-much and 99p, and the inflation lie, it makes customers look like mugs. Well no more! It's time to beef-up the complaining about these things and insist on Quality Meat!

In the early days of skimping on meat, it was argued that customers wanted "lean meat" because they thought it was "more healthy". Well, whether it was more healthy or not, it's now been carried to a ridiculous extent, and meat is almost without fat. It's looking like poverty, like cannibals eating people who are anorexically thin.

You can't blame the butchers. They've had customers insisting on poverty-stricken lean meat for years, and now the animals have ended up being so thin that there's hardly any fat on them at all. Time for a rebellion on this!

If you like to have a decent amount of fat on meat, there are ways you can get this. Farmers who are interested in the move towards free-range pork are happy to fatten pigs to produce the desired quality of fat meat! Also, if you live in parts of the world where there is still some freedom, you can have pigs fed on all manner of stuff including pig swill (ie leftovers). The metabolism of the pig is able to convert this into pork. In the end the animal has become a fat pig and can then (provided you haven't got too fond of it), it can be humanely killed and turned into good edible meat. Yum!

Beef can also be produced with plenty of fat. Quality beef with decent amounts of fat is typical of well-fed cattle that have lived well. I'm not sure if the people who produce Kobe Beef have this in mind, but in effect the meat can be custom-grown, and if you want plenty of fat, you can have exactly that.

The meat known as "lamb", is often mutton, the meat of sheep. Plenty of fat on mutton is a sign of health, and it forms part of the insulation of the animal, as does the wool which it's covered in. In contrast, if it's all skin-and-bones, no fun.

It may be that Free Range Chicken has more fat. The chickens are living better, so they have plenty of opportunity to grow well. The skin of chicken is the good part where the fat is. Helpful hint: If anyone tries to serve up chicken which has had the skin removed, you can refuse it. It's not the proper balance!

Now what about those health warnings?

A good balanced died contains a proper balance of protein and fat. If you are in good health and have a lifestyle with activity balanced with rest, you can also have a diet which is balanced. Fat presents health risks to people who are overweight. The problems appear as heart problems. However, it's not the fat as a bundled-together idea that's doing this! It's the wrong types of fat in excessive quantities. Eliminating all fat won't cure you. Much better to have more fruit and fresh vegetables with your meat, and to eat the right amount of food to balance activity. In contrast, starving yourself won't help.

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