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Good Ideas Brought Back

Good ideas and innovations are traditionally associated with the ever-advancing and progressive technological future. However, some ideas from the past are also good, and deserve to be Revived! These are not simply good ideas that are "Retro", they are "Revivo". Just because an idea is oldfashioned, doesn't mean it's inferior to the modern. Here are some good ideas that deserve a revival and should be brought back into use, because they are still good! ...

Cisterns - Underground fresh water tanks - Having your own household water supply independent of the State

Back Boilers - free hot water as a side-effect of having a real fire in a fireplace.

Starting Handle - an innovative way to start a car manually even if the car battery is flat!

Computer Programming - bring back The BBC Computer Literacy Project!

Canned Bread - Gluten-free bread in cans! Yes, that's right: tins of bread.

Airships - lighter-than-air dirigible flying machines which are still a good idea despite a few early PR setbacks.

Shortwave Radio - International broadcasting, selectable by whoever wants to listen

Cardboard Boxes in Shops - Just because there is "recycling" doesn't give grounds for excuses to justify a total absence of re-usable useful cardboard boxes in shops!

Having a Blow-End on the Vacuum Cleaner - Vacuum cleaners suck! But that doesn't mean they can't also blow. Old style vacuum cleaners used to have a blow-end which had the same pipe-interface as the end that did the suction. Useful!

Car Window wind-up handles - not obviated just because of the newly invented snazziness of "electric windows"!

Cheques - write your own money! A good idea, and not to be made obsolete, for various reasons. Cheques are also known in the USA as Checks

Command Line Terminal - never mind the windows!

Briefcases - document privacy in case... in case someone should snap a high-res digital photo!

Bring Back Wallpaper - except that with modern technology, the pattern doesn't have to repeat.

Meccano - Now being resurrected by Merkur

Royal Institution Christmas Lectures - bring them back!

Having a Decent amount of Fat on Meat - rather than it being all lean. Yuck!

These are just a few of the possibilities for ideas which were good in the past, and yet have gone out of fashion, but could be brought back!