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Saves Private Papers from being Spied Upon

A briefcase is a slimline leather (or other more vegetarian-friendly material) case/bag/folder, which is neat and can hold documents. The beauty of a briefcase is the fact that it is non-transparent, so the secret confidential paperwork contained therein is kept away from the prying eyes and camera lenses of opportunistic paparazzi.

Many British Parliamentary politicians have been caught-out and got in trouble for carrying around bundles of papers in public. Whilst it may seem as if it's secret as the smallprint can't be seen by the human eye from 6ft away, modern digital cameras are a different matter, and if a wad of documents appears in the line of sight of a modern camera and the shutter goes "click", you can be sure the entire text of the document on top of the pile will be on "film", by which I mean it will be in digital memory, and without even a visit to the chemist to get it developed, just a plug-in of a USB cable to a computer, the secret digital stuff will be around for all to see, assuming the paparazzo in question has done the usual of spilling the beans to all concerned.

The Solution: Briefcases. These could be the new fashionable accessory for high-level business people and political decision-makers wishing to defend their documents from paparazzi. Just put the papers in the briefcase, zip it up, and behold, invisible to the Press! This can prevent a lot of embarrassment and public gossip as per the John Lewis List. Briefcases are available in a variety of lifestyle-choice preferences, and I recommend viewing the luggage category and seeing what some of these shops have on offer.

It's this years must-have fashion accessory: A ministerial briefcase! See Luggage