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Getting the right LUGGAGE specified before you travel can save your energy and effort. It's going to travel a long way, must not fail, and must be practical, so it's important that you should get it right in the first place.

On Zyra's travel checklist, luggage is mentioned and careful considerations are put into the specification. Your requirements may be different, but it's still important to plan and to make sure the luggage is right rather than being just "something that will do".

To keep ministerial confidential business papers private from prying eyes of photographic paparazzi, a briefcase is very effective. It's the non-transparency that does it.

A few places to shop around for the right travel luggage are:eBags

Kata Bags US

Cinda B - USA

Argos - UK



Bags Direct

Luggage Point

Essentials 4 Travel

Marc B

Mom AgendaKipling UK

Tuff Luv

Room It Up

Rocky Mountain Trail

BBP Bags

Luggage Pros

National Geographic Bags


Luxury Designer Handbag

Holly Cow Gifts

My Fantastic Bags

Manhattan Portage

Ministry Of Sound

Adventure Avenue

Belt OutletArgos.co.uk

Jenna Claire Handbags

Caraselle Direct

The Luggage Factory

Trunki - children can ride on luggage?

The following are Dead Links and form an ossuary. It's a list of places whose affiliate program has gone:



Bags Of Love


Mandarina Duck UK

Passengers Only USA

Pack Your Bags


Magellan International Travel

Aspinal Of London

Career Bags

The preceding is a list of places whose affiliate program has gone. We hope they'll return with new affiliate programs soon.

I believe it is the practicality that's important, as the luggage needs to be strong enough, light enough, and inconspicuous enough, to get your stuff to where you are without any trouble. Also see other travel insurance and other travel considerations on the travel checklist. Also, surely no-one, no airline, and no travel company, can actually LOSE luggage. There is no such thing as Lost Luggage, is there?!