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Manhattan Portage

There's no better place to buy your bags than Manhattan Portage. They have a fantastic range and they are now available to buy online.

Manhattan Portage:

"Manhattan Portage bags have been manufactured since 1983.

Manhattan Portage is proud to be one of the first to produce messenger bags with a simple philosophy, 'The Original Messenger Bags from New york City'.

By innovating and expanding their line to accommodate the range of uses their bag owners’ demand, the Manhattan Portage line has developed to serve all walks and runs of urban life. After 25 years, Manhattan Portage is growing rapidly into the worldwide market and it is certainly a bag that everyone carries.

From Montreal to Melbourne, Osaka to Oslo, and Stockholm to San Francisco, Manhattan Portage's line of bags is expanding from regions to regions, America, Europe, Eastern Asia, South East Asia and Oceania.

Manhattan Portage indeed has many distributors around the world. As the advancement in Internet technology emerges, Manhattan Portage bags are too going online.

Within a few years, our online market has been well established, and continues to grow.

Manhattan Portage Product Line:Manhattan Portage

- Backpacks

- Ballistic Bags

- Laptop Bags

- Messenger Bags

- Mini Bags

- Shoulder Bags

- Tote Bags

- Custom Bags

- T-shirts".

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:

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