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Jenna Claire Handbags

Buy designer handbags from Jenna Claire Handbags. However, there's a difference, as the designer can be you! Find out more...

Jenna Claire Handbags:

"JennaClaire specializes in custom handbags, totes, diaper bags, & accessories.

Choose from our ready-to-ship options - OR - try your hand at custom design with our online tool. You become the designer with your own workroom at your fingertips! We offer a beautiful variety of Jenna Claire Handbagsfabrics that are ever-changing to ensure your bag is unique, so check back often.

All of our products are hand-cut and hand-sewn just for your order by our talented team of seamstresses in Dayton, Ohio.

Through a love of textiles & designing came the idea that all women could be given a choice and create their own stylish bag. This concept exists in the home dec industry; why not fashion??

Designing your own bag is fun! Check back often; the designs and fabrics are ever-changing to ensure your design is unique".

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Jenna Claire Handbags

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