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Selecting Lottery Numbers by...


Bread in a literal sense, rather than in slang. Stale bread. Stale sliced bread. A waste product if not sold by the sell-by date.

So, having agreed a supply of stale bread with some bemused baker who wonders what it's going to be used for, you then proceed to set up a device in the garden. This is a special kind of breadboard which is strictly for the birds. It consists of a large piece of wood standing almost vertically, a door for example, with 49 nails hammered into it in a numbered 7 x 7 array. Looks vaguely like a board for keys in a hotel foyer.

The slices of bread are now hung out in the garden and you watch from a safe distance.

From the sky your
freelance lottery number selectors come, spying a free lunch. They soon take advantage of your hospitality, devouring or making off with the food, leaving some of the positions empty.

When there are only six slices remaining the game ends and you've got the numbers.

Star quality: The use of Nature to select the numbers gives the method an almost spiritual quality.

Drawbacks: The inconvenient reliance on a supply of dubious bakery items. Also, the tricky problem of just happening to be looking out of the window when there are only six slices of stale bread remaining. Another drawback is that Nature may also provide rain, which will make soggy your chances of getting any lottery numbers by this method this week.

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I don't suppose it would help if it was gluten-free either!