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Traffic Magnet

"TrafficMagnet is a Home Page (URL) registration service which can register your Home Page (URL) with numerous Internet sites like search engines and online directories. TrafficMagnet was established in 2000 and has from day one been signing up customers around the world, solely due to its unique site submission service. TrafficMagnet has developed the technology to automatically submit any URL to more than 300,000 search engines and directories worldwide, ensuring online visibility and accessibility in order to drive traffic to the client's site. Today, TrafficMagnet is one of the world's leading online promotion services."

Also see a sample Traffic Magnet e-mail which you might receive

We get on quite well with TrafficMagnet and they often send us e-mails, like this, and we're also on the affiliate program, so if you'd like to promote your website on loads of search engines...

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Affiliate program at www.trafficmagnet.net at Commission Junction