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Here's a friendly e-mail from Traffic Magnet, one of many such messages received here...

From: Sarah Williams
spam2@ zyra.org.uk
Date: Thu, 6 Feb 2003 2:08:17 +0800


I visited WWW.ZYRA.ORG.UK, and noticed that you're not listed on some search engines! I think we can offer you a service which can help you increase traffic and the number of visitors to your website.

I would like to introduce you to TrafficMagnet.com. We offer a unique technology that will submit your website to over 300,000 search engines and directories every month.

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You'll be surprised by the low cost, and by how effective this website promotion method can be.

To find out more about TrafficMagnet and the cost for submitting your website to over 300,000 search engines and directories, visit www.TrafficMagnet.com.

I would love to hear from you.

Best Regards,

Sarah Williams
Sales and Marketing
E-mail: sarah_williams@trafficmagnet.com

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Of course, we're always pleased to hear from our friends at Traffic Magnet, and their amusing graphics and curious choices of e-mail addresses are always fun. Of course Zyra.org.uk IS on search engines! Plus, this site is actually an affiliate of Traffic Magnet. See Traffic Magnet

Other notes: Many many sites receive these letters. They receive them regardless of whether the site is on search engines or not! Typically I'll build a website, and I'll do a really good job of it so the search engines all have it well listed, and then Traffic Magnet come along and say to my customer "I visited your site and notice it's not on some search engines" etc, and then the people forward the message on to me and say "Is it true it's not listed on the search engines?", so I have to explain and say "Well actually they send this letter to everyone! Your site is actually VERY WELL listed! Just try looking on a few search engines and see what I mean!". For sure, these sites ARE listed!

I admire Traffic Magnet for the clever graphics, the way they take a snapshot of your front page, miniaturise it, and put it in the e-mail. And also for this very well put-together message which they send out. You can't knock a company for such excellent marketing.

Anyway, I'm into AFFILIATE marketing myself, so if you are interested in having your website promoted onto search engines, one of the ways to do this is to pay a modest fee to Traffic Magnet and see how good a job they do! And to do, that, here's the link: Traffic Magnet

Incidentally, I have heard that even Google receives similar messages saying "We have discovered that your site is not on search engines"!